I am running for Fort Bend County Sheriff to elicit change.  Change in Leadership, change in the Sheriff’s Office, Change in Policing and Change in our communities.  To effect change I want to bring a Community Policing model to Fort Bend County.  It creates and builds Trust, cohesiveness and relationships in the community and at the same time keeping our community safe.

Michael V Ellison personifies the values and ideals of Leadership-namely, his devotion to Community Service and his sense of responsibility to protecting and serving.  It is very rare that a Community has an opportunity to come together to support a candidate who is qualified to Lead Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office into the 21st Century and one who is committed his life serving others.  That opportunity will be yours to contribute to the Ellison for Sheriff Campaign.

This Community could not have a braver and more qualified candidate to represent Fort Bend County.  On August 4, 2011, at approximately 9:00am, a group of armed suspects entered the Randall’s grocery store in an attempt to commit robbery at the Wells Fargo Bank.  Sergeant Ellison knowing that innocent people were inside the store, bravely confronted the suspects.  As the suspects were attempting to exit the store, there was an exchange of gunfire between Sergeant Ellison and one of the suspect’s.  Sergeant Ellison was shot multiple times during the exchange of gunfire however though he was injured, he managed to place the victims behind him to keep them out of harm way while he confronted the suspects.  This is the Sheriff we need in Fort Bend County.  One who is not only willing to serve but one who is willing to lay down his life for others.


I am proud to say that I am endorsed by “US Congressman Al Green”