1523_45To provide to all citizens of Fort Bend County, Texas; the most cost effective World Class police services unmatched by any other law enforcement agency with emphasis on police professionalism, crime prevention, enforcement, and resolution while constantly improving police services and citizen protection.   To provide Leadership to this Law Enforcement Agency and progressively move the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office into the 21st Century.  To adopt a comprehensive plan that will make this law enforcement agency more effective and efficient to adequately serve the people of Fort Bend County.   This plan includes bringing a Community Oriented Policing model (COP) and bringing community store fronts throughout Fort Bend County.  Fort Bend County is one of the fastest growing counties in the United States of America and this Sheriff’s Office has not grown to its growing population. And due to its centralized location, Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office services are ineffective and inefficient in the community.   In my comprehensive plan, Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office will be decentralized by implementing and phasing in police substations throughout the county to be more effective and efficient.   However, more visibility in the community is a necessity for the deterrence of crime and my plan is to increase the man power on Patrol and in Investigations.  And also reduce the overtime spending in the jail with the adequate staffing of detention officers.